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Closet Organizers

Find what you're looking for!  Within your closet system, specific functional organizers make it easy to maintain order and keep everything in it's place.  Below is just a sample of the closet accessories that are available. 

Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Inserts

Schulte black jewelry tray
Black velveteen jewelry tray from Organized Living.
Jay Rambo leather jewelry insert
Leather jewelry insert from Jay Rambo.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers

Schulte drawer dividers
Drawer dividers are great for organizing socks, belts, ties, scarves and more. From Organized Living.
Jay Rambo tie and sock drawer dividers
Dividers for ties, belts or socks from Jay Rambo.

Paper Sorter

Safe Door

Schulte paper sorter
Store your stationery and printer paper in one place. (Organized Living)
Jay Rambo safe door
Special door to hide your safe by Jay Rambo (safe not included).

Chrome Baskets


Schulte chrome basket
Baskets of all types are great for handling bulky items.  (Organized Living)
Jay Rambo pullout hamper
Pullout hampers are handy in the closet.  (Jay Rambo)

Storage Hooks

Shoe Organizers and Drawers

Schulte hook
Hooks are very useful for hanging items within sight and for easy access.  (Organized Living)
Jay Rambo shoe drawer
Keep shoes neat and accessible with shoe drawer or shelves.  (Jay Rambo)

Tie and Belt Racks

Ironing Board Drawer

Schulte tie rack
These are a must in a closet for keeping a large assortment of ties and belts in one place.  (Organized Living)
Jay Rambo ironing board drawer
Handy for quick touch ups in the closet.  (Jay Rambo)

Equipment Racks

Wardrobe Lift

Schulte tool rack
Schulte grid and racks
Organized Living
Jay Rambo wardrobe lift
Clothes rod pulls down to maximize storage space and make garments easy to reach. Great when packing for travel!  (Jay Rambo)

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